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Seals by Goldenbudda21 Seals :icongoldenbudda21:Goldenbudda21 1 0 Khopesh-Falchion by Goldenbudda21 Khopesh-Falchion :icongoldenbudda21:Goldenbudda21 0 0
Character Sheet
Name: Constantine Rammielson or Seshmew Constantine
Side: Papyron
     Due to the magic of the Quills and because of his Papyron blood, he has lived 160 years but only looks that age of a 65 year old man. Throughout his years within the Papyron, he has killed 134 Riders and has faithfully kept the statues of the organization. During his early years as a Papyron, he was bent on becoming the greatest Papyron eve by killing the most Riders he could, but he learned the hard way that greatness is not measured by the strength of one's hand, but by the strength of one's will. One day, in a deep and excruciating fight between him and a very powerful Rider, Constantine came close to losing his life, but scraped by with only the loss of his eye. Ever since then, he learned to develop special fighting techniques and is the leading force is small bladed warfare and the most skilled member of the Papyron in killing with the pen form of his Quill. He one day hopes to
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The Last Papyron----Chapter One, Part Six
Chapter One, Part Six: Grandpa's Heirloom
He sighed in defeat realizing that there was no way that the key was in this room. However, he clearly recalled his grandpa coming in here after he retrieved the Egyptian textbook from within the chest. Maybe he kept the key with him. Alex thought. That would explain why the key wasn't anywhere in the room. Of course, Alex didn't know why he would've returned to his room after he grabbed the book from the chest if not to put the key up, but he was sure that the key was no where in the room. So, he looked around the room again and made sure nothing was out of place except the painting and then quietly exited the room after turning the light back off. He left the door open a little bit as to match it just the way he had entered and then causally went back down the hallway and into the living room.
   “Ah, Alex, we were just finishing up.” His grandpa said when he walked into view of the kitchen.
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The Last Papyron----Chapter One, Part Five
Chapter One, Part Five: The Search
He turned and left them in the kitchen and made his way down the hallway. He stopped for a moment when he reached his mom's room on the left side of the hall. He peered inside to find his mother, but he knew that at this time, his mom was either taking a shower or lost in the novel that she was reading for this month. Turns out, to Alex's relief, she was in the shower. This made him confident. She wouldn't be able to hear him plundering through his grandpa's room since the rushing water would make her deaf to anything going on outside of the bathroom. He closed the door back and continued down the hallway.
He followed the hallway until he came to the white door that marked the entrance to his grandfather's room. The white door was opened slightly like his grandfather left it. He opened the door slowly and the hinges began to creek. He stopped and looked down the hallway. He waited for a moment to see if anyone would come and investigate the noise but
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The Last Papyron---Chapter One Part Four
Chapter One, Part Four: Devising a Plan
Once inside the basement, he couldn't see a thing. It was pitch dark. Alex waited for a second to see if his eyes would adjust to the darkness but his sight never got any better. He waded through the darkness with his hands outstretched in caution hoping that if he ran into anything, his hands would bump into it first or at least catch himself if he fell. He walked forward a few steps then felt his foot hit something hard. Alex held in a scream and wiped the tears from his eyes.
   How about I try and follow the wall to the stairs. He thought to himself, but at the same time reprimanding himself for not thinking of it before he injured his foot. Alex followed the cinder block wall until he found the wooden stairs that led up into the first floor of his house. Carefully, he walked up the stairs, very cautiously, giving each step its own separate thought as to avoid an accident. He reached the door and then turned the knob, to his relief,
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Chapter One Pt. 3 of The Last Papyron
Chapter One, Part Three: Negotiations
When he got back to his room, he looked at the clock and saw that it was already three o'clock. The day had gone by so fast and he couldn't recall having lunch but he wasn't really hungry. He sat on the bed for a moment trying to shake the thought of that book but no matter what he tried to do,  he just couldn't stop thinking about it. He couldn't take it any longer, he had to get that book and see what was inside it, but he was going to need help.
   He crept out of his room and listened for a moment to see if he could figure out where everyone in the house was. He could hear faint voices coming from the kitchen. He moved slowly down the stairs so that he could make out what was being said.
   “When are you going to tell him?” He heard his mother say.
   “I am not going to.” His grandfather replied bluntly.
   “What do you mean you aren't going to? You saw the way he looked
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The Last Papyron Chapter One, Part Two
Chapter 1, Part 2: Meeting the Friends
Waiting for him out in the yard was his two neighborhood friends, Skip and Mike. Skip lived across the street from Alex, and Mike live up in the pavement circle his mom called a cul-de-sac. All of their houses looked the same, white with emerald green shudders with a small porch and a black shingled roof. He remembered asking why the houses looked that same and she answered him saying, “The neighborhood Home Owner's Association required them to look that way.” Alex never understood that, but he didn't question it any more after that.
The only differences between their houses was that Skip's house had a pool, and Mike's house had a basketball goal in the driveway. Alex was always jealous of the things his friends had but he knew that his family could never afford anything like that. The one thing they did have in common, besides where they lived and their houses, was that each one was missing a parent.
Skip's mom and dad h
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The Last Papyron
The Last Papyron
Chapter 1
As the sun peaked itself over the horizon, a small boy was waking from his deep slumber. His black hair was matted and stringy in different areas and his eyes were red and lazy as he rubbed them vigorously. His super hero pajamas were twisted in different directions and his left pant leg was bundled up and pulled above his knee.
The small boy lazily walked to the bathroom, his bare feet slapping the floor with each step and the feeling of last nights slumber still working its magic on his body. He relieved himself in the upstairs bathroom, washed his face, brushed his teeth, and then returned to his room feeling renewed. As he walked into his room, he went to his closet and began to plunder through his clothing. To his left he noticed the calendar that hung on the inside of his closet door.
“Mom, what day is it?” He called downstairs.
“It's the 28th dear.” A woman's voice called back.
The small boy then put his finger on the first day
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Hartwell-20130722-00530 by Goldenbudda21 Hartwell-20130722-00530 :icongoldenbudda21:Goldenbudda21 0 0


Legends of Egypt, Second Task: Will's Encounter
Legends of Egypt Second Task:
William Encounters A Papyron!
William was knocked to the ground by a mighty punch.  His Reins of Death crook clattered to the ground next to him.  He looked up at his Academy “teacher”.  The burly man scowled back at him.  
“You think just because you’re a bit clever that you belong here?”  He asked.  “What good is all that brains going to do you if you’re too weak to fight?”  With a scoff, he turned and left.
Suddenly all alone, Will pushed himself onto his feet.  He snatched up his crook and stormed back to his room, ignoring all the other people on the way.  When he got to his room, he slammed the door shut behind him.  
Dropping himself onto his bed, William Towers laid back and stared at the ceiling.  It had been three years since that old man had dragged him to this “school”.  Will had planned on escaping as
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Torn in Two
The two kingdoms had been at war for over 50 years, and after all those years there was no sign of peace in sight. The kingdoms of Sombre and Léger hated each other and thousands of men had lost their lives fighting for their kingdom. Men left their families for months to fight, only getting to visit their families on special holidays when everyone could relax for a while and enjoy their family.
On the first of May both kingdoms celebrated spring, to welcome the warm weather and new life. Also in both kingdoms they celebrated the birth of the prince and princess, the heirs to the throne. The prince celebrated his 19th birthday this year, the beginning of his second year being able to fight along side his father in the war. The princess was celebrating her 18th birthday, the age most heirs joined the king to fight.
Since the beginning of time the heir was always a male, but the Queen of Léger became ill after the birth of the princess and after that she could never have children again.
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Oblivion Prologue
       I was once a demigod, the offspring of a union of a mortal and god. Though I had greater strength than a normal mortal I still saw myself as one of them but one day long ago, Zeus, king of Olympus, gave me the gift of immortality. I don’t even remember the reason ‘why’ anymore. Not that it matters anyway. My outlook on the Gods had once been like any other man’s; though harsh in punishment they did not doom anyone who didn’t deserve it. They watched over us, gave us protection and in return we would offer our produce, riches, and finest animals. It wasn’t until I lived among the Gods and Goddesses that I saw their true colors.
When it came to the morals on the lands below, the Gods couldn't have cared less. It didn’t matter if you were just a plain human or a demigod. We were nothing but TOYS to the almighty beings. When the very people who worshipped them needed help the Gods would only watch in amusement as the mortals tore th
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Valor: A Story of Demons and Angels-Chapter 1
Valor: A Story of Demons and Angels
Chapter 1
You’re soaring through the crisp, clean air. No restrictions. No rules. No obligations. No walls, no locked doors, no consequences, no duties, no limits, no laws, no curfew.
You can fly.
You run your finger tips through one of the fluffy cotton balls floating by you and savor the damp mist it leaves behind. You fly over the moon, remembering an old nursery rhyme;
“Hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle, the cow jumped over the moon…”
You can fly.
You twist and spin, cartwheel and flip, you rise and fall, you loop around and dive, you glide and float.
You can fly.
The sharp wind turns your faces to ice and makes your long, stringy brown hair spread and wither around chaotically. You squint your eyes against it, but you’re grinning like a maniac. The night air had seeped into lungs long ago, giving you tingles of energy. You splay your arms wide, laughing as you skim the tops of the
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Valma - Chapter 1 - Part 1
Standing on the debris of what was used to be the Tereme building, Eras stared at her clipboard as it popped up lists of the items that needed to be collected. She scoffed at the list. The owner left his company tower to fall and just about half of his workers dead, now he wanted the Retrievers to return his important data. If he wanted to save these so much, the man could’ve just taken them before he fled.
Eras kicked off some of the rocks and found a burnt body underneath. She cringed, but ordered her crew to dig up the place.
“It seems that the Valmas are gone. We don’t need to worry about anything.”
As they continued rummaging through the rubble, without the help of Eras since she was only acting as a search dog, they discovered half of the items on the list. Some of these Eras would keep in order to sell later. She wasn’t the cleanest person around here. She would be amazed at somebody working as a Retriever that had a clean record.
“Damn, they&
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The Rider by JadenTheFangirl The Rider :iconjadenthefangirl:JadenTheFangirl 4 7



--same for both categories--
1st :winner: - 25$/2000pts, free commission of choice :iconilikekyo:
2nd :winner: - 10$/800, free commission of choice :iconilikekyo:
3rd :winner: - 5$/400, free commission of choice :iconilikekyo:
Honorable Mention - free commission of choice - :iconilikekyo:

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:bulletblack: :bulletblack:The Last Papyron by: Caleb N. Kelly:bulletblack: :bulletblack:

:bulletyellow: Category One - Cover Art :bulletyellow:
Artist can create a cover art in their medium of choice for The Last Papyron to be used for online representation of the book.
Include: Author Name and Book Title, your choice of font. Main Character: Alex.
Alex's Description: 19 year old Egyptian boy, medium build, jet black hair(any Egyptian hairstyle can be used), contemporary attire(Egyptian references, accessories are a plus)
Optional(2 of 3): Quill Pen of choice design(metal nib), Hybrid Khopesh-Falchion Sword(reference provided), Seals of Life, Death, Time(reference provided).
Seals by Goldenbudda21
Khopesh-Falchion by Goldenbudda21

:bulletred: Category Two - Scene Description :bulletred:
Writer can develop an original character to use in a fighting or training scene.
Descriptions of the two sides can be found here :iconlegends-of-egypt:
Include: Papyron can create their own Weapon, RoD can create usage of Bondage Seal.
--grammar and spelling is not an issue, but please be courteous and use your spellcheck.--
--please write with literary merit do NOT use text talk--

If an artist wishes to create a representation of their OC, while it is not a contest option it will be favorited and featured in :iconlegends-of-egypt:
This is advertisement for your artistic abilities as well!!

:star: :star: IF GIVEN PERMISSION BY THE ARTIST :star: :star:
Artwork/Writings will be posted on Author Website, and Facebook.
Recognition will be giving accordingly using the name provided by you.

Anyone wishing to donate prizes feel free to comment below what you would like to give and for which place.

Questions or Comments - Reply or Note :icongoldenbudda21: or :iconilikekyo:
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I enjoy play games on my xbox 360. Some of my favorites are Skyrim, Titan Fall, and Halo Reach. Although the latter is better on live when you have all of your buddies with you.


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